Syrian Olives

The olive is the most ancient agricultural product in Syria, the birthplace of the olive tree. The total olive plantations in Syria planted are 650,000 hectares; the number of olive trees reached up to more than 90 million, of which 80% are in the productive stage; the rest are seedlings.

Olive plantations are mainly located in the northern and western regions (Aleppo, Idleb, Lattakia and Tartous and Western Mountains of Homs), it is also widely spread in the southern region (Dar’a, As-Souweyda’, Al-Qouneytira). Syria enjoys a fortune of the best varieties of olive, some of which are destined for oil extraction, others for preparation of table olives.

Cooking With Olive Oil

The most recommended condiment in the kitchen is pure and natural olive oil. The purity that is obtained from the first cold press of the olive without any additional treatments or mixes This is the only incomparable natural oil that is tasty, aromatic, and rich in Vitamin E Olive Oil gives a special flavor to lightly sautéed food, and it stands up to high temperatures without producing any toxins, and it is.

​Syrian Olive Oil History

The cultivation of the Olive trees, is one of the oldest signs of civilization in the world. It even preceded writing. The Olive culture, derived from the benefits of Olive Oil, and the mythology linked to it spread through the Phoenicians to Greece, and from Greece to Rome, and then to the rest of the Western world.

In the past few hundred years, the growth of Olive has spread to the Americas, Japan, Australia, and South Africa. Nevertheless, until this day around 80 percent of all olive oil still spills from the rim of the Mediterranean.

Ancestral devotion to the olive tree has carried down to later generations converting many into olive oil aficionados.

Today, 6000 years after the spread of Olive cultivation from Syria to the rest of the Mediterranean, Syrians are still among the leading producers of Olive Oil (it ranks fourth in Olive Oil output). The Syrian soil and climate is still as always, the best accustomed for the growth of Olive Oil.

Syrian villages still linked to there past, have definitely got the best know-how of the art of Olive growing.

This ancient know-how has definitely improved and advanced in time, however, some basics characteristics remain such as the use of natural mechanisms rather than chemical solutions.

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