Olive is the most ancient agricultural product in Syria, the birthplace of the olive tree. The total olive plantations in Syria planted are 650,000 hectares; the number of olive trees reached up to more than 90 million, of which 80% are in the productive stage; the rest are seedlings. Olive plantations are mainly located in the northern and western regions (Aleppo, Idleb, Lattakia and Tartous and Western Mountains of Homs), it is also widely spread in the southern region.

Syria enjoys a fortune of the best varieties of olive, some of which are destined for oil extraction, others for preparation of table olives.

Our olives are processed in one of the most modern facilities in Syria with filling, pasteurization and sanitization lines for various packing types.

We pack in tins, glass jars PET plates and plastic buckets, also bulk in 150 kg plastic barrels.

Olives can be processed in different method: Greek style (Water& salt) and Spanish style (With caustic soda).

Our Olives types

Whole Olives

Green and Black (Processed)
Natural Green Cracked
Natural Green Whole
Natural Black Whole

Pitted Olives

Green and Black

Sliced Olives

Green, Black and Salad with mixture of various vegetables.

Stuffed Olives

We stuff our olives with carrots, red pepper, garlic, almonds and lemon peel.

Olives Varieties Available

– Sorani – Qaisi – Nibali – Zayti – Jlett


  • Giants 141-161
  • Extra Jumbo 161-180
  • Jumbo 181-200
  • Extra Large 201-230
  • Large 231-260
  • Superior 261-290

Olives Package Available

  • Easy open tins (200gr, 400gr, 170gr) Net Drained Weight.
  • Glass jars (750gr, 700, 650gr) Net Drained Weight.
  • PET plate (450gr, 400gr,500gr) Net Drained Weight.
  • PE Bucket (8kg, 10kg,) Net Drained Weight.
  • A10 tins (1,560gr, 1,700gr) Net Drained Weight.
  • Bulk PE drums (160kg, 150kg ) Net Drained Weight.

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